minor diy upgrade: a closet curtain

I’ve been living in my house for years, and for the entire time, the closet in my office has had no door. It didn’t come with one, and way back when we first moved in, the handyman said he’d be back with a door for it in a couple days. (Spoiler alert: the handyman never came back with that door.) I just got lazy about it and left it and never did anything to fix it. But because our house is small and has limited storage, my closet (one of only two closets in the whole house) has always been crammed full of stuff. It’s really the only longterm storage, so that’s where the totes of holiday decorations and extra cables and computer parts live. (Oh and some chairs. Which I will reupholster.. one day..) It’s always been ugly but I’ve just tuned it out of my mind. That is, until I recently cleaned up my office and made it all nice and pretty and the ugly portal to crap storage started sticking out even worse than before. So I finally did something about it!

before, a haphazard melange of tetris’d junk

after, a cute-ass looking cactus

I’m not really a diy maven or anything. But this project was pretty much as simple as you can get. A $9 cute tapestry from amazon, $2 iron-on hemming tape from ikea, and a $5 tension curtain rod from bed bath & beyond, and bob’s yer uncle! Now my closet isn’t hideous anymore!

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