look at what i ate – SALAD.

Introducing a new series I’m calling.. Look At What I Ate!*

It’s.. a salad! I honestly love salad. I think it gets a bad rap, because salads have the capacity to be so bland. Like seriously, iceberg lettuce? No place in a salad. Not unless there are at least 2 other types of greens to offset it. The instinctual response is “ew, green stuff, how flavorless.” But I swear, it’s only the iceberg lettuce, people.

The best salad cheat is to buy the containers of mixed greens. There’s a huge variety and they tend to have mixes of spinach, baby greens, kale, arugula, etc. I like to buy a mix called “Power Greens.” The name is perhaps a little cheesy, and I do not feel I’ve actually attained any powers – except, perhaps, the power to enjoy salad! Hahaha. Hah. Ha.. *cough.* The container describes the Power Greens mix as “a versatile mix of tender baby spinach, chard, kale & mizuna”. Do I know what mizuna is? No. Am I gonna eat it? Heck yes. The end result is a base layer of flavorful leaves, on which you can pile your salad accouterments. In the above, I’ve got cucumber, tomato, green onion, cheddar cheese, roast chicken, and everyone’s favorite, ranch dressing. This salad is a reoccurring staple in my house, because it’s a salad, and as long as you have the leafy layer, you can put basically whatever’s kicking around your vegetable drawer into it. It’s fast, and also great in the summertime, because it’s a million degrees and who needs to spend 45 minutes in the kitchen making dinner?

*The name Look At What I Ate is a somewhat sarcastic editorial on edgy “I hate social media” types who love to decry people sharing photos of their food. Because, I guess, they don’t care, so why should anybody? I’ve never understood that attitude, and I love looking at photos of other people’s food. It’s just the silliest thing to get mad about (and write internet rants about). So in response, I’m just going to hang a lantern right on this and say yes, this series is unabashedly little more than “look at what I ate!!”.

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